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Georgia 4-H at Camp Jekyll: Environmental Education

Canteen & Gift Shop Items and Prices

Groups may choose to purchase canteen items in bulk for students or allow students to make their own purchases. Either way, canteen opens three times a day (in between morning, afternoon, and evening classes). Bulk purchases may be covered by a separate check from the school made out to "Camp Jekyll"; bulk orders need to be placed approximately one month in advance. Otherwise, we accept cash and personal checks only; we cannot accept credit/debit cards. The stock in canteen is rotated from time to time, so items are subject to change. Also, our canteen rules are that students can buy only one candy item per canteen visit. Students are not allowed to buy caffeinated beverages (coke and diet cokes are for adults only). If you have any additional rules you wish for your students, please let us know and we will try to accommodate. Students may not have food or drink in their cabins. Please make sure to recycle and dispose of all trash!

*Examples Only - Actual Items & Prices may be differ from what is shown*

Crackers & Snacks:
Popcorn, Cheetos, Ritz Bits, Cheez-Its, Pretzels


Skittles, M&M's and Chocolate Pudding Snack Pack


Cans of Drink:
Gatorade (orange, lemon-lime), Sprite, and Yoohoo

Coke and Diet Coke for adults only

16.9 oz bottles

Other Snacks & Treats:
Nutrigrain bars (strawberry, apple, and blueberry)

Fig Newtons

Chocolate Chewy Bars

Tropicana Juice:
Orange & Apple Juice
Squenchers Electrolyte Ice Pops:
Cherry, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Grape, and Mixed Berry
Disposable Camera:
27 exposures with flash

Toy Binoculars:

Plastic binoculars in a variety of designs

Variety of colors & designs
Rubberized Sunglasses & Glasses Straps:
Pink, White, Black, Red, Green, & Blue
Shark Tooth Necklaces:
Real mackerel fossilized shark tooth on beaded shell necklace
Shark Tooth Necklaces
Water Bottles:
20oz water bottles with Camp Jekyll logo
Stuffed Animals:
Variety of local animals
$7.00 - $10.00
Short Sleeve T-Shirt's (Youth Medium - Adult XXL):



If you would like to place a t-shirt order for your school or group, please fill out an order at least 3 weeks prior to arrival, to guarantee sizes and designs are in stock. 

Click here for the t-shirt order form.