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Georgia 4-H at Camp Jekyll: Environmental Education

Chaperone Guidelines


  • Before departure please return folders along with completed evals (use staff names - mapboard if you need help - our only source of written feedback) and your keys to your lead staff. $5 for each lost key.


  • Please be responsible for your student at all times (classes, meals, and free time).
  • NO SWIMMING AT ANYTIME (free time or otherwise, student or adult)!
  • During classes, please assist instructors with discipline problems that arise.
  • Feel free to ask questions, but please do not answer questions posed to students.

Emergencies & Phones

  • Director lives off-site, but one of the two lead staff are "on call" for emergencies.
  • In case of minor injuries, we have first aid materials in the infirmary. Students must be accompanied by adults who will administer the supplies. See staff for assistance if necessary.
  • IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 911 FROM ANY PHONE (phones located education center, dining hall, and maintenance building). If the situation needs and ambulance, call first, then find a Jekyll employee.
  • In case of a fire alarm, please move all students from the building and congregate at the designated meeting locations.


  • We go rain or shine! Please help make sure students are prepared.
  • In cases of lightning only, we'll have arrangements to bring classes indoors.
  • Classes can be fun in the rain, remember the students will get their attitudes from us.


  • The bell rings a couple of minutes before class. Be at meeting spots on time.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn AT ALL TIMES. NO FLIP-FLOPS outside of rooms.
  • Boots are available for marsh, please clean and return to shelf after each class.
  • Please refrain from smoking at Camp Jekyll.
  • Please do not use cell phones during class, place on silence or vibrate mode.

Dining hall

  • K.P. duty is 15 minutes before b-fast and 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.
  • No bell rings for K.P., so please help make sure students are on time and remain until dismissed.
  • There will be signs on your tables in the dining hall. Will need to fill in every chair.
  • Please pay attention to your meal order. We will line you up according to your order for that meal, so please come as an entire school.
  • Students should line up as a school outside dining hall and wait on Jekyll staff to let them in.

Teacher-led classes

  • No Jekyll staff will meet you for these classes, they are led totally on your own.
  • Remember your transportation may be required for some teacher leds.

Free time

  • Please always supervise students during free time.
  • Please stay off soccer fields (do not cross split rail fence) we have v-ball, b-ball, and our own green spaces for your use.
  • Canteen opens 3 times a day, please supervise and help make sure trash and recycling occur.
  • Beach time only with adults: stay off dunes, keep distance from birds, collect only empty shells.

Cabins/Quiet hours

  • 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. Lights out is at 10:30 p.m. out of respect for other groups and staff that lives on-site.
  • Cabins to be cleared and cleaned before b-fast on departing day - announcement made at last dinner.
  • Please help conserve energy by turning off lights and A/C or heat units before leaving cabins.
  • Please use only painter’s tape or masking tape if taping doors at night.


  • Group announcements are made at dinner each evening. Please hold students in dining hall until announcements and listen for updates and/or directions.
  • At breakfast and lunch, you may dismiss students with adults as they finish.


  • Coffee is available at breakfast and sweet tea at lunch and dinner for ADULTS ONLY.
  • Coke & Diet Coke are sold in the canteen to ADULTS ONLY.