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Georgia 4-H at Camp Jekyll: Environmental Education

Field Study Planning Checklist

*Delegate responsibilities where appropriate*

  • Make reservations with Georgia 4-H EE Program at Camp Jekyll
  • Send signed contract and deposit to Jekyll 4-H to confirm reservations
  • Collect deposits/partial payment from all students who plan to attend
  • Make transportation arrangements
  • Announce the parent meeting & hand out meeting notices
  • Hold parent meeting & distribute parent letters, handouts, and permission slips
  • Collect all permission slips &/or partial payment
  • Choose classes and contact Jekyll 4-H with this information
  • Notify Jekyll 4-H of any special needs accommodations
  • Choose chaperones (school staff only or school staff/parent mix)
  • Collect final payment from participants
  • Call Jekyll 4-H with t-shirt order and sizes (if pre-ordering bulk purchase)
  • Make teaching group assignments (as evenly as possible)
  • Make cabin assignments
  • Make KP assignments
  • Plan teacher-led classes and gather any necessary supplies
  • Finalize transportation arrangements
  • Make name tags
  • Hold chaperone meeting and distribute chaperone packets
  • Review directions and travel time to Camp Jekyll (provide a buffer of time)
  • Have school/system business office cut final check and bring to field study
  • Load buses & take roll at departure time