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Georgia 4-H at Camp Jekyll: Environmental Education

Special Services


Please do not let a disability keep anyone from attending our program. We have accessible sleeping rooms as well as one beach wheelchair available for use by visiting groups. If anyone in the group has special needs, we are glad to do what we can to accommodate them. However, please realize that a great portion of our programming takes place outdoors, and not all natural areas are accessible. If you have questions about whether certain special needs can be met, don't hesitate to call or schedule a visit to our center.

Custom Food Services

Our kitchen manager is an experienced food service provider. We make every effort to accommodate our visitors with special dietary needs. However, in certain cases, a student may need to provide their own food. We can offer assistance in the storage of foods brought in these circumstances. We also appreciate advanced warning of any special dietary needs. You can see what a sample menu (coming soon!) looks like; however, these are only examples of food served and not a guarantee of food provided for any particular day or visit.

Prayer or worship services

We can work with you to schedule times and possibly provide space for religious services. To avoid scheduling conflicts with other groups, mention these needs to the reservation contact when you make class selections.

Trash & Recycling

We ask that all visitors help keep the center clean and litter free. We schedule center-wide clean-ups if necessary and may even close canteen as an incentive to clean. Because we recycle cans and plastic bottles, we also ask that participants make extra efforts to return these items to the recycling center (location on campus TBD).

Lost & Found

We have a lost and found area in the Education Center. We encourage students to be responsible for their own materials. An adult must accompany students to the lost and found area. Items left behind after groups leave are kept for short periods of time and are then donated. Unfortunately, we are unable to mail back lost items unless the owner supplies the postage.

Georgia 4-H is not responsible for lost or stolen items.